5-S System (In Hindi)

5-S is defined as a systematic approach that results in a " Work place that is well cleaned, every thing orderly placed, safe and well organised to help reduce waste and obtain optimum productivity.

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What will i learn?
  • Every student / employees of any manufacturing industry / employees of any administrative offices will learn to keep their workplace well cleaned, every thing orderly placed and safe to reduce wastage in any manufacturing industry and reduction of retrieval time of any file, paper in racks / almirah etc.

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5-S System
1 Lessons 00:56:26 Hours
  • 5-S System 00:56:26
  • Working employees in mills/ Office premises.
  • Students of any school in any lab.
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The term 5-S derived from five Japanese words. Below mentioned are those Japanese  names and their meaning in English :

S. No.       Japanese Word         English Word

1.               Seiri                            Sorting out

2.               Seiton                        Set in order

3.               Seiso                         Shine

4.               Seiketsu                    Standardise

5.               Shitsuke                    Sustain

Each S represents one part of a 5-S step process that can improve overall function of a business.

Benefits of 5-S :

1. Reduced cost.

2. Improved quality.

3. Increased productivity.

4. Greater employees satisfaction and motivated employee.

5. A safer work environment.

6. Less number of accidents in the department.

7. Reduced downtime of attending break downs.

8. Energy conservation.

9. Creativity improvement.

10. Pollution control. 

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After having done my B.Text. from Kanpur in 1976 , started my professional career spanning over around 37 years in Yarn Spinning as core sub sector . During this period worked in production department as well as in HR department. Worked in most renowned groups e.g. LNJ Bhilwara Group , Grasim Industries etc. during this period. Worked as “Management Facilitator” also, while TQM was implemented in one of the units of LNJ Bhilwara Group. This project gave me exposure to worker’s training , problem solving process , Quality Control tools, 5-S ,Kaizen , Interface , Concept of external and internal customer satisfaction and helped me a lot in doing so many projects in big industrial manufacturing units. At present involved extensively in skilling echo system and presently working as “Certified Assessor” under PMKVY 3.0 scheme of Textile Sector Skill Council and under "SAMARTH" scheme of Ministry of Textiles.
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