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  • How to set up HR for your company preview Rajiv Misra -
    This course gives the preview of why HR processes and systems are required for an organisation to be effective in today's environment and what HR processes does a company need
    3 Lessons 00:10:35 Hours English Beginner
    2 Ratings
  • How to set up your company's HR: Organisation structure, Grades and Bands and Policies Rajiv Misra -
    This course will take you through a step by step method of setting up the organisation structure and reporting relationships, Grades and bands and policies for your company.
    7 Lessons 00:35:36 Hours English Beginner
    ₹13600 ₹17000
    0 Ratings
  • Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Rajiv Misra -
    They course will teach you how to recruit the right candidate for your company, how to select the best fit candidate and what all aspects to keep in mind while onboarding an employee to your company
    17 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Intermediate
    ₹18350 ₹21500
    0 Ratings
  • Setting up a performance management system Rajiv Misra -
    This course will cover each aspect of an effective performance management system to include Goal Setting , Setting up Key result Areas (KRAs) for departmental heads, cascading in KRAs to managers and employees, conduct of data and evidence based reviews , how to provide effective. feedback and action planning
    9 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    ₹14000 ₹16500
    0 Ratings